parents testimonies

‘Having been initially hesitant about sending our daughter to a small nursery, having previously attended a large establishment, we have been extremely pleased with Mains Farm House Nursery and believe it offers excellent childcare, support and facilitates learning and development in a very warm, caring environment. Our daughter now rarely wants to leave and is never any trouble to drop off, which all shows clearly how much she enjoys being here. The small caring environment enables extensive activities to be completed in short time periods. The learning and play can be tailored to the interests of the child and group. Change in the settings activities is frequent to ensure the interests of the children are captured. Frequent trips outside into the community are taken and then activities are devised from the things seen and done on these trips. I do not hesitate to recommend Mains Farm House Nursery to friends. I am extremely happy with our choice to move to this nursery, the way the staff care for the children, tailor activities and continually strive to make further improvements is excellent.’

‘ ‘I love this nursery and my daughter has learned so much. Staff are very friendly and helpful, and my daughter feels at home here. I am over the moon with everything’

‘My daughter is very happy at Mains Farm House Nursery and her development is coming along great. She is developing very good social skills and I think nursery plays an important role in this. It is a very good environment and all of the children seem very happy’

‘The size of the nursery first attracted me, and the amount of children per group. My daughter had previously attended a larger nursery and I felt she wasn’t thriving. The care and support you provide for the children is excellent. The wide variety of activities provided allows my daughter to have lots of fun as well as learning in a more enjoyable way. My daughter has come along so far during her time here, the conversations we have just show how much she has learnt. She has been extremely happy at Mains Farm House Nursery and loves to come everyday. Everyone at nursery involves the parents very well. I always get thorough feedback as to how my daughter’s day has been and what she has been up to. I do feel that Mains Farm House Nursery is an excellent nursery that has allowed my daughter to grow and thrive. Her confidence and abilities have grown so much in the 18 months that she has been here.’

parents testimonies
parents testimonies

‘Mains Farm House Nursery is a lovely nursery, it is a friendly caring environment and my son has thrived since starting here. He is so happy here and settled. I absolutely love the journals, being able to have a record of what my son enjoys doing and what he is learning from his play is great. It shows the care and time the staff put into observing him and finding out what he enjoys doing. My son is learning new skills all of the time including colours, numbers and shapes. I love that he is involved in so much creative stuff and he gets so excited. The staff are always thinking of new ideas to extend his learning which I find great. His grandparents often comment on how clever he is and how much he has come on since attending nursery.’

‘My daughter is always happy when I pick her up and full of energy. She can write her name and recognise numbers and letters. I am so pleased I chose Mains Farm House Nursery for my daughter.’

‘My daughters progress from starting to now is outstanding. The journals show me the progress and what she has achieved while at nursery.

‘My children’s development is testament to your hard work and dedication. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for my children. The staff are helpful and genuinely care, I like what the nursery promotes, small and friendly not big and clinical. The development of my children is clear to see and I know that all of it doesn’t come from us. Thank you for your support in making them who they are. I am kept well informed by the staff on my children’s health and progress at nursery. I feel valued as a dad and part of the nursery.’

‘This has been a lovely nursery for my son to attend with lots to do and happy but tired little boy at the end of the day. The staff are fab! All we can say is keep it up!

‘Thank you so much for everything you have done for my daughter. I know that I can leave her in your care and she will be happy and content. I know she thinks of you with great affection – and quite rightly too.’

parents testimonies