Our Nursery

children playing

The Early Years are the most important and formative in your children’s development. Our nursery offers a loving and safe environment in which children can thrive emotionally and educationally, learning new skills through planned and spontaneous activities. Children are encouraged to learn about the world around them exploring, experimenting, socialising and developing relationships with other children at their own pace.

We provide high quality care and education within a calm and secure environment, allowing the children to flourish. We have a wide range of high quality resources and toys designed to stimulate and encourage learning. Children are encouraged to learn through planned, purposeful play with a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Our learning and development follows the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, this is a play-based framework that acknowledges that very child is unique and that they learn and develop at different rates and in different ways. The Government developed the EYFS, it is the National Framework for all children until the end of their Reception Year at School. At the heart of the EYFS is the principle that young children need to play in order to have fun, make friends and to begin to learn and understand about the world around them.

In each room, activities are planned to help the children progress towards the Early Learning Goals. We encourage children to learn about the world around them, as well as develop their creativity, early mathematics, language and literacy skills. Each child is encouraged to develop at their own pace and to the best of their ability

Children attending our nursery quickly develop their social skills and adapt to routines which give them a head start when they move on to school. The children are gradually introduced to early numeracy, literacy and writing skills whilst having fun and enjoyment, in preparation for their transition to school life. The computer corner helps children to develop their concentration, hand-eye co-ordination and recognition skills, using educational software. Our attractive outdoor garden area is fully enclosed and has safety surfacing and areas for children to grow their own herbs, plants, vegetables and flowers. We have den areas, a picnic table, water channelling and large building areas for children, offering opportunities for exploration and investigation.

‘Qualified and experienced staff provide an extremely warm and welcoming environment where every child is valued. Children enjoy an extensive and exciting range of well-planned activities that contributes to the rapid progress they make in their learning. They are extremely motivated and enthusiastic learners’.
Ofsted October 2017

'My daughter is always happy when I pick her up and full of energy. She can write her name and recognise numbers and letters. I am so pleased I chose Mains Farm House Nursery for my daughter.'

children playing